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Oral Health and Dental Management

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An International Journal of Oral Health Research Open Access, Peer-reviewed
ISSN: 2247-2452
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Impact Factor: 1.38*

About the Journal



James E. Jones
Indiana University



Yoichiro Editor-in-Chief
Yoichiro Miyake
Tokushima University
Nick Editor-in-Chief

Nick Girdler
Newcastle University
United Kingdom
The aim of this journal is to disseminate knowledge and to promote discussion through the publication of peer-reviewed, high quality, scientific papers and other material on all topics relating to oral health and the dental management.
Its scope includes all aspects of dentistry, when they are viewed from a dental public health and health services management perspective. Topics may include: preventive dentistry, paediatric dentistry, community dentistry, geriatric dentistry, orthodontics, oral pathology, orthodontics, TMJ disorders, implantology, cariology, periodontology, epidemiology, health services research, practice management and the development of systems and education to deliver oral health care.

Authors are encouraged to submit papers based on new findings from original data collection or new analyses of existing data. However, systematic reviews, other critical analyses and reports will be considered for publication.

*Unofficial 2013 Impact Factor was established by dividing the number of articles published in 2011 and 2012 with the number of times they are cited in 2013 based on Google search and the Scholar Citation Index database. If ‘X’ is the total number of articles published in 2011 and 2012, and ‘Y’ is the number of times these articles were cited in indexed journals during 2013 than, impact factor = Y/X

Founding Editor
Prof. Dr. Corneliu Amariei Constanta.


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Recently published articles

Ceramic Repair: Influence of Chemical and Mechanical Surface Conditioning on Adhesion to Zirconia
Goncalo Barragan, Filipa Chasqueira, Sofia Arantes-Oliveira, Jaime Portugal
Root-Supported Overdentures Associated with Temporary Immediate Prostheses- A Case-report
Batista Victor Eduardo de Souza, Almeida Daniel Augusto de Faria, Santiago Junior Joel Ferreira, Verri Ana Caroline Gonçales, Pellizzer Eduardo Piza, Verri Fellippo Ramos
Prevalence of Malocclusion, its Association with Occlusal Interferences and Temporomandibular Disorders among the Saudi Sub-Population

Satheesh B. Haralur,Mohamed Khaled Addas, Hesham I. Othman,Farhan K. Shah,Abdullah Idrees El-Malki, Mohammed Abdullah Al-Qahtani

Risk Indicators Associated With Tooth Loss among Indian Adults
Bushranaaz Fathima Jaleel, Ramesh Nagarajappa, Ashok Kumar Mohapatra, Gayathri Ramesh
Iatrogenic Displacement of Impacted Mandibular Third Molar into the Pterygomandibular Space: A Case Report
Berkay Tolga Suer, Ismail Doruk Kocyigit, Kerim Ortakoglu
The Effect of Low Level Laser Therapy on the Rate of Tooth Movement and Pain Perception during Canine Retraction
Farzin Heravi, Amir Moradi, Farzaneh Ahrari
Multiple, Multifocal Odontogenic Keratocysts in Non-Syndrome Patient: A Case-report
Reshma Hammannavar, Kiran Holikatti, Sharan Bassappa, Nagesh Shinde, Manjunath Reddy, YS Chidambaram
Enzyme Activity Profiles and Elisa Analysis of Biomarkers from Human Saliva and Gingival Crevicular Fluid during Orthodontic Tooth Movement Using Self-Ligating Brackets

Rohaya Megat Abdul Wahab, Nurfathiha Abu Kasim, Sahidan Senafi, Abdul Aziz Jemain, Intan Zarina Zainol Abidin, Muhammad Ashraf Shahidan, Shahrul Hisham Zainal Ariffin

The Emerging Landscape of Salivary Diagnostics

Yong Zhang, Jie Sun, Chien-Chung Lin, Elliot Abemayor, Marilene B Wang, David TW Wong

Microgravity Alters the Expression of Salivary Proteins

Maija Mednieks, Aditi Khatri, Renee Rubenstein, Joseph A Burleson, Arthur R Hand

Saliva as a Source of Genomic DNA for Genetic Studies: Review of Current Methods and Applications

Fanyue Sun, Ernst J Reichenberger

Orthodontic Extrusion as an Aid in Oral Rehabilitation

Pedro Marcelo Tondelli, Fabiana Akemy Kay, Marcos Rikio Kuabara

Strategies to Minimise the Consequences of Trauma to the Teeth

Paul V Abbott, Jacqueline Castro Salgado

A story of dental injury and orthodontics

Yunlong Kang, Christopher Stephen Franco

Traumatic Oral Mucosal Lesions: A Mini Review and Clinical Update

Ariyawardana Anura

Management of Traumatic Dental Injury after Periodontal Surgery in Patient with Hereditary Gingival Fibromatosis: Case Report

Koji Inagaki, Hidehiko Kamei, Akio Mitani, Toshihide Noguchi

Decoronation as a Treatment Option for Replacement Root Resorption Following Severe Intrusive Trauma: A Case Report

Nipitporn Mahakunakorn, Pattama Chailertvanitkul, Supaporn Kongsomboon, Jutima Tungkulboriboon

Dental Trauma related to General Anesthesia: Should the Anesthesiologist Perform a Preanesthetic Dental Evaluation?

Saeed Riad Idrees, Kazuma Fujimura, Kazuhisa Bessho

Discolouration of Glass-Ionomer Cement at Different Fluoride Concentration Levels

Eric Wang, Boyen Huang

Dental Education in Mexico

David Masuoka, Takashi Komabayashi, Enrique Reyes-Vela

Minimal Intervention Dentistry in General Practice

AM Brostek, LJ Walsh

Histological Evaluation of Pulpotec Effect on Pulpotomized Primary Teeth in Puppies

Dalia Mamdouh Talaat, Moustafa Matar, Dina Nagui

Transferability of Clinical Skills Acquired On Simulator to Real Life Clinical Practice
AO Arigbede, Obafunke O Denloye, Oyekunle O Dosumu
Tooth loss – How Emotional it is for the Elderly in India?
Rajani A Dable, Babita J Yashwante, Saurabh S Marathe, Bhushan S Gaikwad, Priya B Patil, Abrar A Momin
A Comparative Study of the Mechanical Properties of the Light-cure and Conventional Denture Base Resins

Mohamed Hashem, Samah O Alsaleem, Mansour K Assery, Emad Braka Abdeslam, Sajith Vellappally, Sukumaran Anil

Efficacy of Oral Health Promotion in Primary Care Practice during Early Childhood: Creating Positive Changes in Parent’s Oral Health Beliefs and Behaviors

Deborah J. Mattheus

The Association between Dental Anxiety, General Clinical Anxiety and Depression among Finnish University Students

Harri Halonen, Tuula Salo, Helinä Hakko, Pirkko Räsänen

Monostotic Fibrous Dysplasia of the Mandible
Cagri Delilbasi, Ediz Deniz, Isin Dogan Ekici
Maxillary and Mandibular Arch Forms in the Primary Dentition Stage
Owais AI, Abu Alhaija ES, Oweis RR, Al-Khateeb SN
Do the Symptoms of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome Exist in Highly Trained Malay Security Personnel?
Hashim H, Samsudin AR
Hyoid Bone Position and Vertical Skeletal Pattern - Open Bite/Deep Bite

V Urzal, AC Braga, AP Ferreira

Diagnostics of Halitosis Complaints by a Multidisciplinary Team
De Baat Cees, Mulder Jan, Van Den Broek Annemiek Mwt, Feenstra Louw
A Survey of Root Canal Treatment in Saudi Arabia: A pilot study

Zuhair S Natto

Role of ABC Transporter Proteins in Stress Responses of Streptococcus mutans
Kayoko Nagayama, Kazuyo Fujita, Yukiko Takashima, Arifah Chieko Ardin, Takashi Ooshima, Michiyo Matsumoto-Nakano
1 Year Clinical Evaluation of Microhybrid Composites used in the Restoration of Non-Carious Cervical Lesions

Duygu Tuncer, Çiğdem Çelik, Kıvanç Yamanel, Neslihan Arhun

Smokeless Tobacco, Viruses and Oral Cancer

Lars Sand, Mats Wallström, Jan-Michaél Hirsch

Periodontal Regeneration by Application of Chemical Root Conditioning to Intrabony Defects Utilizing Bioresorbable Membrane: A Comparative Study

Ruby Khan, Khattak Braham P, Mohd H Khan

The Morphological Effect of the Acquired Pellicle on Acid-etched Enamel: A Scanning Electron Microscopy Analysis
Elena Marchetti, Andrea Guida, De Carolis Carlo, Lomurno Giuseppe, Stefano Eramo
Motivational Factors Influencing Career Choices of Moroccan Dental Students
Farid Bourzgui, Zouhair Abidine, Zineb Serhier, Samir Diouny, Mohammed Bennani Othmani
The Effect of Hydro Alcoholic Extract of Seven Plants on Cariogenic Bacteria-An in Vitro Evaluation
Hamid Kermanshah, Sedighe Sadat Hashemi Kamangar, Sakine Arami, Mohammad Kamalinegad, Mehrdad Karimi, Akbar Mirsalehian, Fereshte Jabalameli, Mohammad Javad Kharazi Fard
Factors Influencing Dry Mouth in Patients with Primary Sjögren Syndrome: Usefulness of the ESSPRI Index
Myriam Gandía, Enma Marianela Morales-Espinoza, Rosa Ma Martín-González, Soledad Retamozo, Belchin Kostov, Rafael Belenguer-Prieto, David Buss, Miguel Caballero, Albert Bové, Hoda Gueitasi, Pilar Brito-Zerón, Antoni Sisó-Almirall, María-José Soto-Cárdenas, Manuel Ramos-Casals
Craniofacial Features and Specific Oral Characteristics of Down Syndrome Children

Macho V, Coelho A, Areias C, Macedo P, Andrade D

A Study on Mast Cell Number and Lipid Profile in Oral Submucous Fibrosis

Benazeer Husain, Balasundari Shreedhar, Mala Kamboj, S Natarajan

Burning Mouth Syndrome: Update
Juliana Cassol Spanemberg, Eugenia Rodríguez de Rivera Campillo, Enric Jané Salas, José López López
Unusual Occurrence of Dentoalveolar Manifestations in a Case with Beta Thalassemia Trait

Farhad Alireza, Allameh Maryam

Management of Complications after Traumatic Injuries to Immature Permanent Maxillary Incisors: A Five Years Follow up case report

Abukabbos Halima, Alsineedi Faisal, Guelmann Marcio

Assessment of the Awareness of Dental Professionals Regarding Identification and Management of Dental Patients with Psychological Problems in Routine Dental Operatory: A Survey

Deepak Gupta, Soheyl Sheikh, Rashmi NC, Amit Aggarwal, Rahul Bansal

Patient Discomfort Following Single-Tooth Implant Placement: A Randomized Controlled Trial of Immediate vs. Conventional Tooth Restoration
Rubens Spin-Neto, Ana Emília Farias Pontes, Ann Wenzel, Celso Eduardo Sakakura
A Novel CAD/CAM Base Metal Compared to Conventional CoCrMo Alloys: An in-vitro Study of the Long-term Metal-ceramic Bond Strength
Bogna Stawarczyk, Marlis Eichberger, Rita Hoffmann, Falko Noack, Josef Schweiger, Daniel Edelhoff, Florian Beuer
Transcutaneous Carbon Dioxide Monitoring: Literature Review

David Drysdale

Gingival Crevicular Fluid Flow Rate and Alkaline Phosphatase Level as Potential Marker of Active Tooth Movement

Alfaqeeh SA, Anil S

Assessment of the Impact of Stress and Anxiety on Pain Perception in Patients Undergoing Surgery for Placement of their First Dental Implant

Sharat Chandra Pani, Bishi AlGarni, Lulya Mohammad AlZain, Nora Saad AlQahtani

Influence of Smoking on Clinical Parameters and Gingival Crevicular Fluid Volume in Patients with Chronic Periodontitis

Mokeem SA, Vellappally S, Preethanath RS, Hashem MI, Al-Kheraif AA, Anil S

Oral Hygiene Status in School Adolescents: A study of 20,000 School-age Adolescents in 66 Public and Private Schools Comparing Oral Hygiene Status by Gender and Ethnicity

Mohammed Al Nuaimi, Donald J. Ferguson, Anas Al-Mulla

Effectiveness of Er:YAG and CO2 Lasers in the Management of Gingival Melanin Hyperpigmentation
Kishore A, Kathariya R, Deshmukh V, Vaze S, Khalia N, Dandgaval R
Bone Guide for Maxillary Reconstruction: A Case Report

Daniel de Paula Eduardo, Piero Rocha Zanardi, Fued Samir Salmen, André Luiz Mendes Vilela de Andrade, Carlos Eduardo Meira, Dalva Cruz Laganá

Procedural Pain and Anxiety in Pediatric Patients in a Mexican Dental Clinic
Ortiz MI, Rangel-Barragán RO, Contreras-Ayala M, Mora-Alba JD, Gómez-Bonifaz LG, Murguía-Cánovas G, Varela-Ibáñez E
A Comparative Effect of Mouthwashes with Different Alcohol Concentrations on Surface Hardness, Sorption and Solubility of Composite Resins

de Moraes Porto IC, das Neves LE, de Souza CK, Parolia A, Barbosa dos Santos N

Sequential Changes in Oral Dryness Evaluated by a Moisture-Checking Device in Patients with Oropharyngeal Cancer during Chemoradiotherapy: A Pilot Study

Nishii M, Akashi M, Kakei Y, Hasegawa T, Minamikawa T, Furudoi S, Shibuya Y, Takahashi M, Otsuki N, Nibu K, Komori T

Intention to Quit Betel Quid: A Comparison of Betel Quid Chewers and Cigarette Smokers
Melissa A. Little, Pallav Pokhrel, Kelle L. Murphy, Crissy T. Kawamoto, Gil S. Suguitan, Thaddeus A. Herzog
Assessment of the Oral Health Status of Healthcare-seeking Adults Living with HIV in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal

Gaunt F, Rai A, Kinkel HT

Maxillary Osteosarcoma: Two Case Reports and Literature Review

Abdulmalak Al-Yahya, Abdulaziz BinAhmed, Talal Alshammari

Cleidocranial Dysplasia: Maxillary Alterations on the Transverse Plane. Presence of Crown-radicular Anomalies and Multidisciplinary Approach of a Clinical Case

Romeo U, Galluccio G, Palaia G, Tenore G, Carpenteri F, Barbato E, Polimeni A

The Efficacy of Bilateral Balanced and Canine Guidance Occlusal Splints in the Treatment of Temporomandibular Joint Disorder
Eman M Al-Rafah, Manal R Alammari, Fahad H Banasr
Influence of Root Conditioning Prior to EMD Application on Periodontal Ligament Cells of Extracted Teeth

Akira Saito, Emiko Saito

A Case of Cleidocranial Dysplasia with Peculiar Dental Features: Pathogenetic Role of the RUNX2 Mutation and Long Term Follow-Up

Michele Callea, Emanuele Bellacchio, Mariateresa Di Stazio, Fabiana Fattori, Enrico Bertini, Izzet Yavuz, Gabriella Clarich, Ayse Gunay

Comprehensive Strategy for a Compromised Esthetic Case: A Multidisciplinary Approach

Majdah Al-Khadhari

Hypercementosis and Concrescence of Maxillary Second Molar with Third Molar: A Case Report and Review of Literature

Bhavya Mohan

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