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Journal of Molecular and Genetic Medicine

An International Journal of Biomedical Research Open Access, Peer-reviewed
ISSN: 1747-0862
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About the Journal

Wen Editor-in-Chief

Wen G. Jiang
Cardiff University
Paul Editor-in-Chief

Paul J. Higgins
Albany Medical College
Masayoshi Editor-in-Chief

Masayoshi Yamaguchi
Emory University
Journal of Molecular and Genetic Medicine will accept manuscripts in most areas of molecular and genetic medicine – both basic and applied. Keeping in view the considerable health-related problems faced by the developing nations, particular consideration will be given to articles on applied biomedical issues of the developing world, especially, research focusing on malaria, HIV/AIDS, viral hepatitis and microbial diseases.

Manuscripts in the following categories will be considered for publication: reviews and mini-reviews, research articles and short research reports, new methods and technologies, opinions on previously published literature and letters to the editor, meeting reports and commercial, patent and product news (inquiries to the Editor).


Submit manuscript at http://www.editorialmanager.com/jmgm/   (OR)   Submit manuscripts as an E-mail attachment to the Editorial Office at editor.jmgm@omicsonline.net


Recently published articles

Balancing AhR-Dependent Pro-Oxidant and Nrf2-Responsive Anti-Oxidant Pathways in Age-Related Retinopathy: Is SERPINE1 Expression a Therapeutic Target in Disease Onset and Progression?

Paul J. Higgins*

Glucose-6-Phosphatase: Novel Therapeutic Approaches for Type 2 Diabetes

Didier Tousch*

Effect of Amitriptyline an Antidepressant Drug on Structural and Functional Properties of Brain Cystatin

Fakhra Amin* and Bilqees Bano

Molecular Imaging: Unlocking the Potential for Personalized Cancer Therapy

Ajit Shinto* and Kamaleshwaran KK

Altered mRNA Expression of “Ahr-Nrf2 Gene Batteries” in the Retinas of Senescence-Accelerated OXYS Rats during Development of AMDLike Retinopathy

Perepechaeva M1*, Kolosova N1,2 and Grishanova A1

An Alternative Test Procedure for the Protective Efficacy of Brucella Vaccines

Zhen Wang1,2, Peng F Bie1, Tong L  Wu 1 and Qing M Wu1*

Past, Present and Future of Insulin Gene and Its Related Genes In Relation To Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Amar Nagesh Kumar*1, Jupalle Nagiah Naidu2, Uppala Stayanarayana3 and Medabalmi Anitha4

Unacylated Ghrelin (UnAG): A New Treatment Option for Peripheral Arterial Disease?

Gabriele Togliatto, Matteo Traversa, Alberto Orsello and Maria Felice Brizzi*

Exploring Genetically Modified Animals for Development of New Atherosclerosis Treatments in NHLBI

Boris L Vaisman1,2*, Lita Freeman1 and Alan T Remaley1

Bovine-Specific Nucleotide Polymorphisms and mRNA Expression of the Growth Hormone Secretagogue Receptor 1a (GHSR1a) Gene and its Genetic Association with Growth and Carcass Traits

Masanori Komatsu1*, Yoichi Sato2, Yuki Fujimori3, Tomohito Itoh4, Masahiro Satoh1, Motohide Nishio1, Osamu Sasaki1, Hideaki Takahashi1 and Aduli EO Malau-Aduli5

Stem Cells and the Translational Control of Differentiation: Following the Ribosome Footprints

Patrícia Shigunov, Bruno Dallagiovanna and Fabíola Holetz*

Study of a Colombian Family with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy and Sudden Cardiac Death Associated with the Lys247arg Mutation in the Cardiac Troponin T (Tnnt2) Gene: Casual Relationship or Polymorphism?

Guillermo Mora Pabón1* , Juan Fernando Agudelo 1, Diego Alberto Molina1, Maria Fernanda Garcés2, Jorge Eduardo Caminos2, Karen Orjuela2, Catarina Allegue3,4, Rocio Gil3,4, Angel Carracedo3,4 and Maria Brion3,4

DNMT1 and Genomic Instability in Cancer

Viviana Barra*

Genomics in Atrial Fibrillation: A Brief Review

Thomas E. Watts1, Abhishek J. Deshmukh2*, Sadip Pant1, Juan Viles-Gonzalez3 and Hakan Paydak2

aCGH may be useful in Case of Dominant Disorders Known to be Caused by Gene Mutations: Two Case Reports

Sylvie Bourthoumieu1, Cécile Laroche2,4, Aziza Lebbar3, Jean-Michel Dupont3 and Catherine Yardin1,4*

Molecular Imaging of Renal Cell Carcinoma: A Comprehensive Review

Chinonyerem Okoro, Annerleim Walton Diaz, W Marston Linehan, Peter L Choyke and Adam R Metwalli*

DNA Methylation in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia

Elisa Leo1* and Giovanni Martinelli1

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